hamilton beach 40898 cool touch 8 cup cordless electric kettle

Do you love tea?

What about instant coffee?

Hot chocolate?

Maybe instant oatmeal and soup?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you know that in order to prepare your favorite drink or meal you need perfectly boiled water. While most of you boil water on the stovetop, this process is long and inefficient.

Over the last few decades Hamilton Beach has established itself as a leading brand for quality kettles, and the 8-cup cordless electric kettle is one example of its smart creations. This kettle will get your water ready in just a matter of minutes, so that you no longer have to use your stove or microwave.

This rapid boiling kettle is sleek, modern, and highly functional, making it the perfect appliance for your kitchen. For more information on this kettle, read the review below.

Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool-Touch 8-Cup Cordless Electric Kettle

Who is made for?

The quick and efficient Hamilton Beach unit is a great entry level choice for light/moderate tea and coffee drinkers.

Features of the Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool-Touch 8-Cup Cordless Electric Kettle

Quality Construction

The construction of the Hamilton Beach electric kettle is extremely impressive. This kettle has been constructed out of a single stainless steel piece, with no welded joints and no plastic.

The kettle also has a double wall of stainless steel which keeps it cool to the touch, as well as a stay cool handle which will protect you as you are handling the kettle.

The Hamilton Beach unit also has a drip free spout, so that your counters remain dry at all times. There is also a lockable lid for top performance at all times. Dont Forget to visit our exciting blog.

Cordless Design

The Hamilton Beach 40898 cool touch 8 cup cordless electric kettle boasts of a cordless design, which makes pouring, filling, and serving much easier. This kettle works with a 360 degree rotating base, which means that a cord will not interfere with the water heating process.

The safe kettle also allows you to hide any excess cord beneath your base, in order to de-clutter your counter.

Easy to Use

An electric kettle should always be easy to use, and that is why Hamilton Beach has designed the Cool Touch Kettle with user friendly features. This 40oz kettle has a green indicator light, which will let you know when the kettle is on. Checkout here to know about the most popular hamilton beach 40898 cordless electric kettle brands.

This light will then turn off once your water has reached its boiling point, so that you know that it is time to prepare your tea or coffee.

Auto Shutoff Performance

Lastly, the Hamilton Beach Cool Touch kettle comes with a 1500W heating element. This powerful heater will bring 16oz of water up to boiling point in just 2.5 minutes. Hamilton Beach Cool Touch kettle ultimate guide will help you on how to use this product in case you dont know.

Additionally, the Cool Touch has an integrated auto shutoff feature, which automatically powers off the kettle once boiling point has been reached. This feature has an audible click, so that you know when your water is ready.

  • Pros
    • Sleek appearance
    • Convenient auto shutoff feature
    • No plastic components come into contact with the water
    • Energy efficient
    • Heats water fast
    • Easy to clean
    • Nice balance
  • Cons
    • Only has one temperature
    • Some customers have complained that the kettle is not ‘cool to the touch’
    • No water level indicator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does the kettle have any plastic parts that come into contact with the water?

A. No. The interior of the kettle is made using only stainless steel. The only place that you will find plastic is in the filter, at the top of the lid, and in the handle.

Q. How does the auto shutoff feature work?

A. The Hamilton Beach comes with an auto shutoff feature, which kicks in once the water has boiled for too long. When this occurs, the on/off lever under the handle will automatically turn off so that the kettle does not boil itself dry. This is a great safety feature.

Q. How do you get off the lid when you want to clean the kettle?

A. The Hamilton Beach ha 2 buttons located under the lid, and you can simply depress them to remove the lid during your cleaning.

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The Hamilton Beach comes with its fair share of drawbacks; however, none of these drawbacks takes away from the fact that it is an efficient electric kettle. So if you are looking for an energy efficient kettle that will boil your water quickly, then the Hamilton Cool Touch is the way to go.

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