Breville USA BKE595XL The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle Review

Are you a real tea drinker? Are you sick of boiling water on your stove to steep some tea and spilling it everywhere when you try to pour it out of the pot? Then I’ve got a great product for you. It’s the Breville Crystal Clear Electric Kettle. This kettle will bring water to a boil rapidly, and it’s already inside a beautifully made kettle so you can pour it directly into tea cups with no mess! Here are the great features of the Breville electric kettle:

Breville USA BKE595XL The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle

Breville USA BKE595XL The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle Features

The Glass

Since this kettle is made mostly out of glass, the type of glass used is very important. Breville uses glass made in Germany by the Schott company. This glass is superior to other glass types when used in heating applications. It expands very little when heated, and is resistant to thermal shock and stress. The result is an electric kettle that will withstand the stresses of being heated and cooled thousands of times, for trouble-free use.

The Handle

The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle has a wonderfully designed ergonomic handle that stays cool even when the contents are boiling hot. This allows you to dispense boiling water without the aid of an oven mitt or potholder. The tapered design fits your hand nicely, and the button on top releases the lid.

The Lid

Breville designed the lid on their electric kettle with your safety in mind. After you push the release button on the handle, the lid opens slowly, which releases steam gradually and prevents any unwanted splashing of boiling hot water. You can use this kettle without fear of any frightening steam or liquid burns.

Your Health

Anytime you prepare food and beverages, unwanted chemicals should be avoided at all costs. BPA is a harmful substance that many manufacturers continue to use in kitchen containers and drinkware. Breville is not one of those manufacturers. The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle is certified BPA-free on every part of this kettle that touches the water, so you can drink your tea without worry, and serve to others in good conscience.


There are two additional safety features built-in to this electric kettle. First, this kettle has automatic shut-off, which turns off the heating element once the water has reached a boil. Secondly, Boil Dry protection recognizes when the kettle is empty and turns the unit off to prevent internal damage and overheating, both of which could cause an electrical fire. The engineers at Breville clearly had your safety in mind when they designed this appliance.

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  • Beautiful design looks great
  • High-quality German Schott glass
  • Non-locking base won’t stick to the kettle
  • BPA-free for your health
  • Cool ergonomic handle to pour out the contents
  • Soft opening lid to prevent splashing and steam burns
  • Heats water to a boil quickly
  • Automatic shut-off and boil dry protection


  • No audio indicator when finished boiling
  • Some users had rust issues
  • A little larger than necessary for some users

Highlighted Features

  • Top quality German glass
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Ergonomically designed handle with lid release
  • BPA-free
  • Boil Dry protection
  • Non-locking base plate
  • One-year limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the water capacity of this electric kettle?

A: The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle holds 1700 milliliters of water, or about 7 cups.

Q: How do you clean any calcium build-up on this kettle?

A: Boiling a solution of vinegar and water works well, and also water and lemon juice cleans minerals off really good.

Q: Is there a minimum fill amount recommended to use the Breville electric kettle?

A: The minimum amount of water to operate this kettle is around two cups.

Final Verdict

An electric kettle can make serving tea in your home easy, quick, and safe. If you’re in the market for an electric kettle, I highly recommend the Breville Crystal Clear Electric Kettle. This kettle will bring water to a boil rapidly, shut off automatically when a boil is reached, and allow you to dispense hot water in a safe and comfortable manner.

This electric kettle has your safety in mind with quality construction materials and features. The beautiful design and one-year warranty will make you glad you selected this kettle for both entertaining and private use. When it comes to electric kettles, the Breville Crystal Clear Electric Kettle is a great product to buy for your home.

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