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5 Best Electric Hot Water Kettle Reviews - Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Buying an electric hot water kettle will be a great addition to your kitchen! You can use it to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate—you name it!

There are a number of advantages to using an electric kettle rather than using a conventional stove top kettle. Since electric kettles are specifically made for the purpose of heating water, they tend to be much more efficient than regular stove top kettles. In an electric kettle, a couple of liters of water can heat up in three or four minutes tops, compared with an average of ten minutes of regular kettles.

Stove top kettles also give you that ear-splitting shriek when the water is done boiling—electric kettles don’t do this. Many of them shut off when the water temperature reaches boiling point.

These are some energy-saving advantages about electric kettles that most people don’t know about. There are also some deeper, less obvious advantages to having an electric water kettle. For example, most people don’t know that water loses its vibrancy if it boiled for an extended period of time. Over-boiled water tastes flat, and if you make tea or coffee with over-boiled water, it won’t have its full flavor potential. An electric kettle will prevent this from happening because it will turn itself off when the water is boiled.

Electric kettles can be found in a variety of prices, depending on what you’re looking for. There are also many styles and colors.

5 Best Electric Hot Water Kettle On The Market

How to Choose The Right Electric Hot Water Kettle

There are many elements to consider when buying an electric tea kettle. With so many different options out there, it’s best to do a little research when making this purchase. Some things to consider include:

Size and weight

Some electric kettles are really small or really big. Some are designed for one person, while others are meant for large families and hold a lot of water at one time. Medium ones are probably your best bet unless there are a lot of people in your household.

Electric kettles can be both light and heavy. If you don’t want to lift something really heavy on a daily basis, you should probably opt for the lighter one. Also, you can store kettles in a cabinet or closet if you don’t want to keep it on display on your stove at all times, so if you plan on doing this, make sure your kettle is light enough to sit on a shelf comfortably.

Speed of boiling

How fast do you want your electric kettle to boil water? You’re probably thinking, “As fast as possible” because, who wants a kettle that boils water slowly? We are all in a rush and just want to get on with our days.

You should always glance at a couple reviews before you purchase an electric kettle so you know it’s not a dud. Most electric kettles boil water really quickly, but if something is made of poor quality, it might not do the trick.

Ease of use

Some electric kettles are easier to use than others. If you have arthritis or have trouble gripping things, certain electric kettle may be better equipped to suit your needs. If you buy a kettle that you can fill through the spout, that means you won’t need to keep opening the lid.

If you do want to use the lid, look for a kettle that has an easy to press button that will open the lid wide so it’s easy to pour water into. Also, make sure the handle is easy to grip and hold while you keep your hands clear of any hot steam coming from the spout.


Electric tea kettles come in a wide variety of prices, depending on the style and the make. There are plenty of great electric kettles you can get if you’re on a budget, or if you don’t care how much money you spend.

Cheaper electric kettles are just as great as the more expensive kinds, if you choose one that’s a good brand. Just make sure the kettle you buy is made of quality materials and has no plastic parts. The main issue with kettles is usually the handle—you don’t want to burn your hand while holding it.

What you will make with your kettle

Will you be making tea? Coffee? Hot chocolate? There are electric kettles made specifically for certain drinks.

For example, both green tea and coffee are made best with really hot water. The potent flavor of these drinks really comes through when the water is boiled to perfection. There are kettles that are made to boil water to temperatures between 90-95°C and also between 70-80°C. It’s definitely best to get an electric kettle that boils water in this particular range.

These are just a few things to think about. It’s easier to figure all of this out if you go to the store and look at the electric kettle selection, or visit a website and look at pictures of electric kettles. It’s always good to get a visual of what you’re going to buy. There are a few other things to consider, such as:

  • Style
  • Color
  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Matching the kettle with the rest of your kitchen

5 Best Electric Hot Water Kettle Reviews

If you aren't sure where to begin to find the electric kettle for you, look no further. Here is a list of the best electric kettles on the market right now. There is sure to be one for you!

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-L Cordless Electric Kettle

Editor Rating:

This kettle has 1500 watts of power for very fast heating. It brings up to 1-2/3 liters of water to a boil in a matter of minutes. It also offers six different heat settings which allow you to steep your tea at just the right temperature, depending on what kind you're making.

This kettle is also great because it has very simple, one-touch controls on its handle. You can select 160 degrees for delicate teas, 175 degrees for green teas, 185 degrees for white tea, and 190 degrees for oolong tea. You can also select 200 degrees for French press coffee, and the boil setting for black tea, instant oatmeal, instant hot chocolate, noodles, and much more.

The control panel on the kettle has blue LED indicators for the "start" button and "keep warm" button. These buttons maintain the temperature you set for 30 minutes. The kettle's 360-degree swivel base is there for extra convenience and allows pouring without the power cord getting in the way, which is a huge plus. Its memory function allows you to remove the kettle from its base for two minutes without shutting it off or stopping in the middle of the heating process.

It also has a stay-cool nonslip handle and a three-year limited warranty.

Breville SK500XL Ikon Cordless 1.7-L Electric Kettle

Breville SK500XL Ikon Cordless 1.7-L Electric Kettle

Editor Rating:

This 500-watt cordless kettle quickly boils up to 1-2/3 liters of water. It has a cushion-controlled lid, a water level indicator, and a removable scale filter. It's easy "on/off" switch and "ready" bell make it very easy to use. It also has an auto shut-off system and boil-dry protection.

It has a brushed stainless-steel exterior, a soft-grip handle, and built-in cord storage so you don't have to worry about the cord at all. It measured 8-3/4 x 6 x 9 inches and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Aside from affordable, this electric kettle is very pleasing to the eye. Its silver exterior gives it a chic look--it will go in any kitchen. Its handle looks hard but is actually soft to the touch. The plastic on the interior of the kettle is BPA free.

I would recommend this kettle if you want something that is classy yet affordable. This product will definitely last you a while. It is very well-made and you'll have it for years to come.

Chef's Choice 680 Cordless Electric Glass Kettle

Chef's Choice 680 Cordless Electric Glass Kettle

Editor Rating:

This 500-watt electric kettle saves time and is very easy to use. It has an advanced design in which the heating element is concealed. That way, water will never come into contact with your skin. Its exterior is made of brushed stainless steel and glass, and it holds 1.7 liters of water. It boils water much faster than the microwave or stovetop!

The kettle lifts from its base for easy filling, pouring, and serving. It has an automatic shut-off button and a boil-dry safety protection often, so you can feel safe having it in your kitchen. There is also a water level gauge built into the handle for your convenience. Its cord wraps into the base for easy storage. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

I would highly recommend this electric kettle if you are looking for something affordable and well-made. It is also pleasing to the eye, because you can watch water boil through its glass exterior. If you have kids, they'll probably love watching the water bubble and boil. Also, this kettle holds more water than the average one, so you'll be able to use it when you have many guests in your home.

Secura 1.8 Quart Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle

Secura 1.8 Quart Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle

Editor Rating:

This 1500-watt electric kettle has a 100% stainless steel double-wall interior. No plastic comes in contact with boiling water for your safety and convenience. Its cool-touch exterior is BPA free so you'll feel great about using it and serving your guests with it.

The water capacity for this electric kettle is 1.7 liters--larger than most kettles. The fact that it is double-walled means that it is more durable and will last longer. As a result, it is a little heavier than other kettles, but it's so worth it.

This kettle is also pleasing to the eye. It has a shiny black finish on its exterior and would go great in any kitchen.

I would recommend this kettle if you want something that's going to last for a very long time. This kettle is very well-made and will outlast many of the other kettles on the market.

EPICA 1.75 Quart Cordless Electric Kettle

EPICA 1.75 Quart Cordless Electric Stainless Steel Kettle

Editor Rating:

Convenience is a high priority of this 1500-watt electric kettle. Boiling water is safer than ever when you use this product. There's also less time waiting around for the water to boil--this kettle heats water in a matter of two minutes.

There is no cord getting in the way with this kettle. You'll feel completely safe using it, especially if there are kids around. There is also a built-in safety feature which ensures that the water will never overheat or boil over. The kettle will shut off automatically when water gets too low, which prevents boiling dry.

There are many kettles that don't indicate when they're still hot after usage. However, this kettle's power light stays on when there is still hot water inside it. There is also a locking lid so you don't have to worry about spills. There is a little panel in the handle that will tell you when there's too much water or too little water in the kettle.

This product is made of brushed stainless steel, and has a one year limited warranty.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many different electric kettle options out there! Some are bigger than others, but you can purchase accordingly, depending on how big your family is. Also, some kettles are more pleasing to the eye than others, so if you're looking for something specific that will match your kitchen, it's definitely best to look at pictures of kettles you like online. Or, go visit a houseware store.

You'll be sure to love the kettles in the list above. Each one is great quality and will be sure to last for years. That's also another important aspect to look for in an electric kettle, or in any appliance for your home--make sure it's well-made so it will last. You'll have a blast searching for the right kettle for your home! Happy shopping!

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