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Chef’s Choice 681 Cordless Electric Kettle Review

Do you love instant coffee, tea, or milk?

Are you in search of an electric kettle that can meet these hot beverage needs?

If you are, then I have the perfect solution for you; the Chef’s Choice 681 Cordless Electric Kettle. This electric kettle has been built for your convenience, combining quality design with great functionality so that you can prepare your hot beverages at any time.

The durable, reliable, and safe electric kettle has energy saving properties, meaning that you no longer have to worry about high electricity bills. Heating your water now becomes cheap and easy. This stainless steel kettle brings out the flavors of your favorite drinks, instead of leaving your drinks tasting like plastic. Checkout here to know about the most popular chef's choice 681 cordless electric kettle brands.

So if you are on the hunt for a quality appliance for your kitchen, I would definitely recommend the Chef’s Choice 681.

Chef Choice 681 Cordless Electric Kettle

Who is made for?

The electric tea kettle is perfect for all those who enjoy preparing tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and even oatmeal. The affordable and stylish kettle will make your hot beverage preparation incredibly simple.  Look for best chef's choice 681 cordless electric kettle reviews to know about customer experiences.

Features of the Chef’s Choice 681 Cordless Electric Kettle

Advanced Design

The Chef’s Choice electric kettle comes with a concealed heating element, which does not come into contact with water. This clever design means that the buildup of mineral deposits that is normally seen in the standard kettle will not occur. There is also an inbuilt water level gauge in the handle, with measurement markings for both ounces and liters. This makes the kettle very easy to use.

Safety Features

Whenever you are boiling water, you always need to be cautious. Thankfully, the 681 kettle comes with inbuilt safety features that will make the boiling process much safer for you. One of these features includes the auto shutoff, which switches off the kettle when the water is at its boiling point. This ensures that the kettle does not boil itself dry.

The kettle also has a secure locking lid which prevents spilling, and a cool-touch handle which prevents burns. Best chef's choice 681 cordless electric kettle ultimate guide will help you on how to use this product in case you dont know.

Corded Base

The Chef’s Choice 681 is a cordless kettle, which comes with a corded base. The 360 degree base makes actions like filling, pouring, and serving simple. The base also allows you to neatly store the cord so that you can de-clutter your kitchen.

Great Performance

The electric kettle comes with a 1500W heating element, which provides you with the power needed to boil water quickly. When you combine this with the respectable 1.7L capacity, you have a kettle that will prepare your hot beverages efficiently.

Quality Construction

Another great feature of the kettle is its high quality construction. This starts with its attractive brushed stainless steel body, which is sturdy and durable. The cordless electric kettle also has a push button for easy lid opening.

  • Pros
    • Attractive design
    • Blue LED light is highly visible
    • All plastic components are BPA-free
    • Sturdy stainless steel construction
    • Easy to clean
    • Simple to handle
    • Heats quickly
    • Simple to use
  • Cons
    • Body of the kettle is prone to fingerprint stains/ smudge marks
    • Slightly heavy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can you set the temperature at which your water boils?

A. No; this kettle does not have temperature control, and you can therefore not set temperature. What you have is an on/off switch, which boils water to a set temperature.

Q. Is the kettle easy to clean?

A. Yes it is. When it comes to the outside surface simply wipe it down with a cloth. However, when it comes to the inside of the kettle you can opt to boil vinegar to remove all scale deposits, or you can use a bottle brush to scrub any accumulated dirt.

Q. Is there a keep warm feature after the water has boiled?

A. No, there is no keep warm feature. But because the unit is constructed with metal, your water should remain warm for some time.

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If you are in search of a convenient and well built electric kettle that can brew your hot beverages quickly and efficiently, then the Chef’s Choice 681 should be one of your top choices. This kettle does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it has all the elements needed for quick and easy brewing.

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