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5 Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Reviews - Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Back in the old days, if you wanted to heat up water to a rapid boil, you had to do so on the stove. This method is relatively slow and inefficient. These days, however, if you want to get a pot of water boiling quickly, you use an electric kettle.

Gone are the days of setting a teapot on the stove and waiting for it to hiss. Now, you can get the same results in a fraction of the time, and you don’t have to pay attention to the water for it to be at perfect temperatures, every time.

5 Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle On The Market

Types of Kettle

So are all electric kettles the same? Will any old brand do? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Before we begin our comprehensive look at electric kettles, it’s important to differentiate between the three basic types: glass, plastic, and stainless steel. While there are benefits to all three categories, the best option is, by far, stainless steel. The reasons for this are durability, low maintenance, and better heat conduction. I’ll get into the particulars as we move on, but just know that I’ll only be referring to stainless steel electric kettles for those reasons.

Electric vs. Traditional

As time marches forward and technology improves every day, people are becoming less and less attached to the old ways of doing things. Stainless steel electric kettles are no exception. The reasons that these types of kettles are so popular are listed below.

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast at boiling water
  • Maintain constant temperature
  • Easy to Clean
  • Cheap

With all of these benefits, why would anyone choose a traditional stovetop kettle?

How to Find the Right Stainless Steel Electric Kettle For You

Now that we’ve covered the basics of stainless steel electric kettles let’s look at how to evaluate them. I have chosen these considerations based on my experiences, and I believe this should be a comprehensive list of points you have to think about when choosing the right kettle for your needs.


One of the most critical decision you will have to make when choosing a stainless steel electric kettle is the size of the pot.

Most kettles come in size ranges of 1.5-2 liters. If you are making hot water to be used for a lot of people, say for an office, then buying a larger kettle can help meet your needs. The downside of this, however, is the fact that bigger kettles will require more energy and time to heat the water.

If you make only a few cups of tea or coffee at a time, there are smaller, more portable kettles out there that make half a liter or less. These are personal-sized kettles and can help reduce the amount of waste by ensuring that you only make as much water as you need.

Power Source

The great thing about electric kettles is their convenience. However, it can be a drag sometimes to have to find an outlet in which to plug your kettle. However, there are two options when it comes to choosing a kettle: cordless and plug-in.

Cordless kettles run off of an internal power source, so they are more portable than plug-in models. However, they must be recharged, so they do still need to be plugged into an outlet from time to time. Additionally, cordless models can be more expensive than a plug-in.

Plug-in kettles are usually much cheaper than cordless but do require a constant source of power. However, some models have a retractable cord to limit the amount of space required, as well as make it easier to store.


The basic operation of a stainless steel electric kettle is to heat water to a boil as quickly as possible, and then maintain that temperature. However, what happens if you want hot water, but not necessarily piping hot? Fortunately, with current technology, some kettles give the option of temperature control, meaning that you can set the temp for the water to your preference, so it will be perfect every time. Again, this can be an additional charge, but the added personalization makes up for it.


There is a critical difference between stovetop kettles and electric kettles when it comes to safety.

Stovetop kettles require an open flame or heat source to warm the water. As a result, these kettles are much more dangerous, since they produce much more excess heat. Additionally, the steam coming from the spout can be equally dangerous. Finally, if you ever forget about a kettle on the stove, it can run the risk of boiling over, creating a further safety hazard.

Electric kettles still get very hot, but because of the way that they are heated they are much safer. Since the heat is generated within the device from a heating element, it means that the kettle itself does not get quite as hot as a stove top model. Additionally, there are failsafe measures to prevent the water from boiling over in case you forget about it. Finally, electric kettles are usually designed to cool down much faster, so you don’t have to worry about residual heat causing burns.


While electric kettles are not as complex a machine as say, a microwave, they do still have components that can break or wear down over time. When that happens, it may be tempting to go out and buy another kettle, but what if you love the one you have already? Thus, when choosing an electric kettle, it’s important to know if there is a warranty on the device, how long it is good for, and whether or not the manufacturer will supply a replacement if it breaks down.

5 Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Reviews

Now that I’ve discussed the most important aspects to consider when choosing a stainless steel electric kettle, it’s time to look at real-world models. When reviewing the following brands and makes, I made sure to look at all aspects of the kettle itself, as well as the company that sells it. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Breville SK500XL Ikon

Editor Rating:

Breville is a UK-based company that specializes in making electric kettles. Since the British drinks far more tea than Americans, the company knows a thing or two about making a great kettle.

This particular model is on the larger end, making up to seven cups. This makes the kettle ideal for small offices or multiple users.

The benefits of this kettle are its portability and the speed with which it heats up. I like the cordless design, which is known as a 360-degree base. This means that you can place the kettle at any angle on the base, and it will still heat up. Other designs require the kettle to “lock” into place for it to work, so this is a nice touch.

The downside of this model, however, is that it doesn’t turn off when you remove the kettle from the base. While this can be useful to maintain temperature, if you take the kettle off for a long time, it can become a safety hazard.


  • Clean, modern design
  • High-capacity
  • Chimes when temperature is reached
  • 360-degree base
  • Cordless
  • Water level indicator


  • Doesn’t turn off when kettle is removed
  • Potential safety hazard
  • Heating element can burn out quicker than other models
Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel 1.7L 40894

Editor Rating:

When it comes to small appliances, there are several brands that reign supreme. One such brand is Hamilton Beach, which has a broad range of electric kettles from which to choose.

I chose, however, the 40894 model for its classic design and efficient service. This particular model looks very traditional, with the handle placed on top and with a dome style body.

However, there is nothing really traditional about it. The 1.7-liter kettle is equipped with some state-of-the-art technology, with an automatic shut-off and boil dry protection, meaning that it will turn off if the kettle is empty.


  • High-capacity container
  • Kettle can be removed from base for easy portability
  • Heating base doesn’t stay hot, making it safer
  • Auto shut off when kettle is removed
  • Boil dry protection
  • Inexpensive


  • Paint chips away easily
  • ​No warranty
  • Can burn out quicker than high-end models

Overall, the 40894 model is a sufficiently durable kettle that is perfect for personal use. However, if you want to use it every day, it will wear down faster than other, more high-end models, so be aware of that. Otherwise, there are no significant downsides to this kettle. My favorite features are the classic red design and the safety functions.

Aroma Hot H20 X-Press

Editor Rating:

As far as electric kettles go, the Aroma Hot H20 is a pretty basic one. This model is slightly smaller than the others I have mentioned, only holding 1.5 liters of water. This means one less cup per serving (six instead of seven), but it’s not that noticeable of a difference.

Like the Breville, this kettle has a 360-degree base, which makes it more convenient than other models. The base does need to be plugged in, however. The kettle itself can be removed for easy pouring, and with a water level indicator, it ensures that you know how much is left. However, there are some significant drawbacks to this machine, as outlined below.


  • Sleek design
  • Auto shut-off when boiling point reached
  • 360-degree base
  • Retractable cord
  • Inexpensive
  • One year limited warranty


  • Less capacity than other models
  • Loud when boiling the water
  • Sometimes fails to shut off, making it very hot to the touch
  • Can wear out quicker than high-end models

When it comes to an electric kettle, you want to make sure that it operates as efficiently and safely as possible. To that end, the Aroma H20 can sometimes be too hot to touch, especially if the shut-off switch doesn’t work. While this isn’t a common occurrence, it does happen. Similarly, the thin design makes the sides much hotter than other high-end kettles, so you do have to be somewhat careful when using this machine.

KitchenAid KEK1222SX

Editor Rating:

As I mentioned above, there are certain brands that make an excellent array of small appliances. KitchenAid is definitely one of those brands.

The KEK 1222SX model of an electric kettle is durable, with a classic design and brushed steel finish. This model, however, is smaller than ones previously mentioned, so it is ideal for personal use.

The kettle holds 1.25 liters, which is about 4 cups, making this a much smaller size. The design is very traditional, with a looped handle that goes over the kettle itself. The drawback of this, however, is that the handle is also metal, so it can heat up more than others. The other benefits of this kettle are the addition of a filter, an auto-shutoff function, and quick heating.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy on-off switch
  • Removable filter
  • One year limited warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • 360-degree base


  • Limited capacity
  • Metal handle can heat up
  • Pricier than similarly sized models

Overall, the KitchenAid KEK 1222SX is a great, compact kettle for personal needs. While it is a bit more expensive than other models of the same size, it is built to last. I like the classic design and the addition of a limescale filter, as lime buildup is something that happens to most kettles over time.

Cuisinart DK-17 Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Editor Rating:

This electric kettle is very similar to the KitchenAid model, regarding design and portability. However, the DK-17 is a much larger kettle, with a 1.7-liter capacity. What I really like about this model is the extra large viewing window.

Most kettles have a small water-level indicator at the back. The DK-17, however, has a much bigger window on the side, so you can instantly see how much is left.

Additionally, this model has a 360-degree base for extra convenience. What makes this better than the KitchenAid as well is the padding on the handle. While the KEK is all metal, the DK-17 is protected, making it safer and more comfortable. As far as electric kettles go, there are almost no downsides to this model.


  • Large capacity
  • Extra large water-level indicator
  • 360-degree base
  • Classic design
  • Removable spout filter
  • Quiet Operation


  • More expensive than similar models

Overall, the Cuisinart DK-17 is probably one of the best electric kettles you can buy. While it may be more expensive than other, similarly sized models, the DK-17 is a workhorse, and will last a long time. Ultimately, it is worth the added price for a high-end model.

Final Verdict

When comparing kettles, it will not only be the quality of the machine itself but your own personal preference. I like machines with added safety features and comfort. I also like kettles with a more traditional design, so I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds.

When it comes to the kettles listed above, I would opt for either the Cuisinart or the Breville kettle myself, as they seem to have the best features and designs. If I had to pick one, however, it would be the DK-17 as it is really unrivaled regarding quality, durability, and efficiency. While this is by no means a complete list of all the kettles that are out there, this is a perfect sampling of the best brands and models of stainless steel electric kettles that are available.

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